Why Study At TBS

Why Study At TBS

At TBS your learning experience will be extraordinary. A unique chance to make a significant change on your career path. Our goal is to build successful professional managers and entrepreneurs able to move freely with determination in today’s competitive scenario. Our way to deal with work-incorporated learning, emphasis on professionalism and our exhaustive industry preparing system will take your knowledge beyond the classroom and build a successful profession.


We know there are lots of Managers like you, who rightly value the high standards of International higher education and wish to have their programmes validated within the International system of higher education, at an affordable cost and a considerable saving. The total cost of studying in Tanzania is less than half of that required to study for the same degree abroad. Please refer specific program section for more details.

Problem Based Learning

Action learning Teaching methods are tailored to reach the course goals. Professors take a pragmatic learning approach aimed at fostering peer-to-peer involvement and interaction through seminars, role-playing, case studies, business games, team exercises, conferences and projects.

Power Of Diversity

We embrace and encourage diversity in teaching and learning. A multicultural classroom gives a great value to the programme and represents a unique chance to learn through the continuous exchange of heterogeneous experiences and diversified skills.

An excellent and Modern training offer

Developed through the careful analysis of the best international experiences, to guarantee you a competitive advantage in the market. We also provide courses on the most advanced managerial trends and techniques, such as intercultural management and business oriented.

Highly qualified teachers

All Tanzania Business School staff consolidates broad industry experience and high level teaching qualifications with an energy for showing and share their experience, information, bits of knowledge and capable of transferring to our students both a well defined conceptual framework and valuable references to concrete professional practices.

Partner Universities

The international orientation of TBS is, in part, contact to the foreign universities. As well as the academic exchange, such cooperation also provides a sound network through which our students spend a semester abroad. At the same time, TBS welcomes international students from all over the world to study with us for one semester, one year or for a full degree.

Alumni network and community

Participants to our courses are admitted by right to the Tanzania Business School Alumni Network, a network which enables them to remain in contact with all alumni and Lecturers, to exchange experiences and share projects and professional development opportunities.

Unique learning content and study materials

All Tanzania Business School training courses involve cutting edge teaching content, in line with the best international standards and constantly updated based on the latest cultural trends. With every course, participants also receive a wealth of documentation and suggestions for possible further in-depth studies.

A wide range of flexible study methods

To meet all requirements and make it possible for participants to balance their learning commitments with their personal and professional engagements. Master courses, specialization courses and a rich catalogue of short courses designed to meet all your learning needs. “Work-study-travel- Family”. We promote our student to be at work, or travel or be with the family while studying. We the only institute offering this opportunity

An applied teaching method

All courses include exercises and real life case studies, which flesh up the teaching and make it truly valuable for the job market

Innovative Programs

Every TBS program is unique in its own right, and offer features and options that are not available anywhere else. TBS has been a pioneer in the fields of team-based and experiential learning, and has incorporated these approaches into all of its programs. Its innovative use of videoconference technology has enabled the School to take its MBA programs across East Africa and beyond. As well, the School offers a variety of unique Double Degree options through its vast network of international business school partners.