Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our core values

Our core values form the foundation of how we perform our work, how we conduct ourselves and how we interact with each other. These values guide our interactions as colleagues in support of delivering on our mission promise. Through these values we continue to build a stronger, more vibrant campus culture. Our core Values are represented by word “H.E.A.R.T”:

Honesty: Honesty and high ethical standards will inform all actions of the school as an academic enterprise dedicated to scholarship, discovery and creativity. These standards are the hallmark of our success and our excellence as a global university.

Excellence: We strive for the very highest standards in everything that we do. Serving our scholarly community by delivering consistently high quality programs, teaching and service. We challenge each other to produce important new knowledge at the leading edge of our disciplines, to create an intellectually rigorous learning environment and to show uncompromising dedication to those we serve.

Accountability: In the spirit of efficiency and effectiveness, we will embrace ownership of all our responsibilities and accept the principle that we are accountable for our actions at all levels, ensuring academic, programmatic and fiscal integrity and value through prudent management of resources entrusted to the Tanzania Business School.

Rigorous Standards. We identify, impliment, and support excellence in all our practices. At TBS we seek challenges that place us outside our confort zone. From our world-class education programmes to our ground-breaking research projects and trend-setting corporate partnerships, everything we do at Tanzania Business School is done with drive, enthusiasm and energy.

Teamwork: We pledge to work together in a spirit of cooperation, collaboration, and mutual support and genuine to enrich the cultural environment and for the interest of each other’s success. Our highly approachable and enthusiastic faculty actively encourage interaction and integration.Our diverse mix of cultures, races and experiences provides a variety of perspectives and talents that when united through team work, strengthens our ability to achieve our goals.